About Premiere Laser Centre

The goal of Premiere Laser Centre is to provide highly specialized laser hair removal and skin care services to men and women. Our objective is to establish a close personal relationship with you in order to provide the best possible care.

At Premiere Laser Centre, providing highly specialized laser and skin-care is our passion, not just a job. We are proud to be one of the leading laser hair removal centers in Texas dedicated to the active pursuit of regulation, licensing and training. Our founder started what is now the state group called TACLER, which lobbies for state licensing of laser hair removal professionals with strict requirements for supervision and training of technicians so that unskilled and untrained people will no longer be allowed to offer services to unsuspecting customers.

Because of the research conducted at Premiere, new procedures have been developed that allow us to offer unique services at remarkably low prices. Chin contouring and muscle tightening are only some of our treatment protocols available at a fraction of the cost of other clinics. For more information a consultation is required to see if you are a candidate.