Jockey Laser Hair Removal for Men

It’s not uncommon for men to request laser hair removal in the jockey and genitalia area, and it is performed regularly by our professional technicians here at Premiere Laser Centre.

Does It Hurt?

It may surprise you to learn that the jockey and genitalia area is one of the least uncomfortable parts of the body for laser hair removal treatment. We do have a very effective topical anesthetic gel which can be applied to minimize any discomfort, if needed.

The results of laser hair removal in the jockey and genitalia region are excellent and very long-lasting. In fact, there is no re-growth of active hair follicles that has been lasered in this area of the body after treatment. Once unwanted hair has been removed from this area, our clients report feeling much cleaner and fresher all over!

Is It Safe?

Yes! Our Professional Licensed technicians at Premiere Laser Centre are highly trained experts who stay on top of the most advanced procedures in the industry. Laser hair removal is perfectly safe, even in this personal area of the body.

Who gets Hair Removal in the Jockey Area?



Race Car Drivers

Professional Drivers