Laser Arm Hair Removal for Women

Excessive hair growth on the arms is a very common problem for women, and it can cause a general feeling of unattractiveness and embarrassment about their appearance. Traditional methods of hair removal on this area of the body are messy, time-consuming, and sometimes, as in the case of waxing, quite painful. In addition, the results are usually unsatisfactory and temporary. Some women may consider trying electrolysis, but this is a very painful, tedious and expensive process, and may require hundreds of treatment sessions. The sensible solution for hair removal on the arms is to visit the experts at our laser hair removal center.

At Premiere Laser our highly trained technicians will discuss your hair removal concerns, evaluate your particular hair and skin type, and design a customized treatment plan just for you. Laser arm hair removal is generally very successful for women, since the hair growing on that portion of the body is particularly receptive to laser treatment. Sessions only take between twenty and forty-five minutes to treat both the left and right arms and hands.

How Much Will It Hurt?

Laser hair removal is a relatively pain-free process, but there are some areas on the body that are somewhat more sensitive than others. For some women the arm bones are sometimes sensitive areas, so if needed we apply an effective topical anesthetic gel to minimize any discomfort you may experience. Most clients compare the laser treatments to the snap of a rubber band on skin.

Is It Expensive?

Laser arm hair removal is quite affordable. Cost does vary depending on the amount and density of hair, the size of the area, and the color of the hair and skin. For women with smaller arms, it may cost as little as $200.00 per session. A series of three to six sessions may be recommended. You can expect amazing results, and our clients are delighted with the silky-smooth skin they have post treatment!