Eyebrow Hair Removal for Women

Your eyebrows serve as the frame for your face. Just as a beautiful frame enhances a picture or photo, well-shaped eyebrows can greatly enhance facial attractiveness. Furthermore, studies have shown that people with graceful, well-positioned eyebrow arches appear to be more intelligent.

At Premiere, laser facial hair removal is an art form. Our technicians skillfully combine artistic talent with technological proficiency. We take a lot of pride in our beautifully balanced and natural looking eyebrow services.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

As with all laser hair removal, a series of treatments are needed. This is because the laser beam seeks out and destroys actively growing hair follicle roots. The laser is ineffective on dormant hair follicles because they have not yet grown roots. So it is necessary to wait until the dormant hair enters the active growth cycle, at which time the client returns to have those newly active roots destroyed. Generally this takes about three treatment sessions. However, dramatic improvement is usually seen after the first session.

How Painful Is It?

Laser hair removal for eyebrows is significantly less painful than either waxing or tweezing, and the results are better and much longer lasting. We can apply a local topical anesthetic if needed to further minimize any discomfort.

Premiere Laser Centre technicians are the most highly-trained experts for laser hair removal. Come see for yourself and experience the ultimate in laser hair removal services!