Facial Hair Removal

Traditional methods of facial hair removal have always been tortuous. Methods such as tweezing, shaving, scraping and waxing are quite painful and only provide the most temporary of solutions. In addition, busy individuals resent the time spent on these primitive methods. Furthermore, repeated use of these methods is abrasive and harmful to the skin, and over time permanent skin damage can occur. Even modern-day electrolysis is far from ideal. Electrolysis is painful, expensive, and tedious, usually requiring a great many treatment sessions.

Premiere Laser Centre is the perfect solution for permanent removal of unwanted facial hair. At our laser hair removal center, we skillfully combine the most up-to-date laser technology with skillful, artistic application. It is both our pleasure and our specialty to provide laser hair removal treatments that are the ultimate in terms of comfort, skill, and pleasing results.

What Face Areas Can Be Treated?

At Premiere Laser Centre we regularly perform facial hair removal for eyebrows, upper lip area, sideburns, and the chin and neck area. We can accommodate any skin type or skin color. Our technicians will discuss your concerns, evaluate your needs, and design a personalized, customized treatment plan just for you.

How Long Does It Take?

Treatment sessions for the facial areas usually take only ten to twenty minutes. In fact, many come in on their lunch hour for facial hair removal services. The procedure is fast and easy and the permanent results are excellent.

Let us help you free yourself of unwanted facial hair and tortuous, primitive hair removal methods! Contact Premiere Laser Centre today!