Chest & Abdomen Hair Removal

Laser body hair removal is the sensible choice for men with excessive chest and abdomen hair. In most cases, men with heavy chest hair also request body laser hair removal treatment for their abdominal area as well. The technicians at Premiere Laser Centre specialize in hair removal treatment for these areas. Clients are assured of receiving customized treatment plans which are designed with your personal preferences in mind, as well as your hair and skin type.

Natural Looking Results

Laser hair removal is more than just a modern scientific technique; it’s also an art form which requires a high level of training combined with an eye for aesthetics. At Premiere Laser Centre our technicians are experts who specialize in creating the most natural looking results, with no obvious lines showing where hair removal treatments end. For example, if a man has thick, dense chest hair that extends to his abdominal area, but prefers to keep some hair on his breast area, we know how to modify the laser hair removal process. Our technicians gradually taper hair removal as they go down and around the front pecs. This method leaves the client with a natural, attractive appearance.

What If I Want All the Hair Gone?

It’s not unusual for men to request all the hair on the chest, abdomen and upper arms be removed. In some instances it’s because they feel it’s a more appealing look. For some, it serves to better display the results of their workouts. Premiere Laser can easily accommodate your personal hair removal preferences while providing excellent results!

Does Hair Removal in This Area Hurt?

Only a laser light is used for laser hair removal, so the process is relatively pain-free. In addition the Candela GentleLASE system we use has a cooling device which makes it an even more comfortable experience. Plus, we do check for tenderness and sensitivity prior to treatment, and can apply a special prescription-strength topical anesthetic gel if necessary.

How Much Does It Cost?

Laser hair removal is actually quite affordable. At Premiere Laser we believe that reasonable rates for premium services are a vital part of our success. We base pricing for large areas of the body, like the chest, abdomen and legs, by the length of time you’re on the treatment table, which is a more economic pricing system, than by body part or zone.