Nape and Neck Laser Hair Removal for Men

Coarse, unruly hair growing on and around the nape of the neck is a problem for most men. Even with frequent haircuts, hairs in this area typically begin growing back within one week, totally spoiling your well-groomed look. It becomes necessary for men to resort to shaving the area in an attempt to control the hair growth, but shaving is actually an abrasive solution, which is harmful to the skin. Other problems caused by shaving are the appearance of unsightly bumps and sores, as well as skin irritation caused by shirt collars and ties.

Premiere Laser Centre specializes in treatment of the neck area, and we are proud of our reputation as the finest center for laser hair removal.

Is the Nape a Painful Area to Treat?

Unwanted hair removal from the nape of the neck is a relatively quick and painless procedure. However, if necessary your technician can apply a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort. We can simply thin out the hair, or remove it completely. This can usually be accomplished by only a few treatment sessions, and the results are both pleasing and long-lasting.

You will be surprised at how much softer and smoother your skin will become once you can eliminate shaving the neck area!