Chin & Neck Hair Removal for Women

Hair growth on the chin and neck is a great embarrassment for many women, even those women who never had this problem before. The reason is that as women enter their thirties, the hair on the chin and neck begins to grow thicker and coarser, becoming more noticeable. This kind of hair growth is similar to the coarse dark hair that tends to appear on the ears of older men. Elimination of unsightly chin and neck hair is one of the most common procedures at laser hair removal centers.

Traditional methods of hair control on the chin and neck, such as shaving or waxing, are temporary and must be repeated often. These methods are very harsh and abrasive on the skin and over time can cause permanent skin damage. The face is the absolute last place any woman wants to have damaged skin, and for that matter, the last place she wants to have dark, wiry, unsightly hairs growing! Now there is an easy, fast and permanent solution for reclaiming your smooth, beautiful facial skin. This process is done affordably at Premiere Laser Centre, the best place for quality laser hair removal in Denton.

Should The Hair Grow Out Before Treatment?

No, thank goodness! Many women are relieved to learn that we can successfully perform laser hair removal without having to wait for the unsightly hair to be obvious, because the laser seeks out and destroys the color pigment in the root of the hair follicle. Please note that shaving is ok, but plucking or waxing gets rid of the root and the laser is ineffective.

How Long Are The Treatment Sessions?

Laser hair removal in the chin and neck area can usually be completed in as little as ten minutes. It’s commonplace for women to come in for this hair removal treatment during their lunch hour.

Dramatic Improvement After The First Session!

Although a few treatment sessions are needed as dormant hair enters the active growth cycle, you can expect to see dramatic results after your very first treatment. Our highly trained technicians can treat any color skin type, and we will customize a treatment plan specifically for you after your initial evaluation.