Bikini & Brazilian Hair Removal for Women

Hair removal in the bikini area is an annoying, unpleasant, and recurring issue most women have to deal with. Traditional methods of bikini line hair removal have proven to be unsatisfactory. Waxing is especially painful around this area, and the hair grows back quickly. Shaving is abrasive and irritating, often leaving behind those unattractive red bumps, and is also only a temporary solution. Depilatories are messy and smelly, the chemicals can burn the skin, and like the other methods mentioned, the results are only temporary. And forget about electrolysis! Talk about pain! The perfect solution is bikini laser hair removal, which is actually one of our specialties at Premiere Laser Center. Once you’ve had bikini laser hair removal treatments with us, you never again have to worry about those ugly stray hairs creeping out from under your swimsuits!

French Bikini

We offer a variety of options for laser hair removal of the bikini area. One of our most popular styles is the French Bikini. This is a very low cut bikini line that begins with removing the hair from the navel down to the pubic area. Hair is also removed from the panty line region down to the inner thigh, leaving about a three-finger-width. Hair is also removed from the under edge of the buttock, an area of the bottom that sometimes shows when wearing a swimsuit. The final result is a petite “V” shape, and the client can comfortably and confidently wear nearly any bikini bottom.

Premiere Girl Bikini

This is another of our most popular options. The Premiere Girl Bikini is basically a Brazilian laser hair removal style. All the hair from the navel to the buttocks is removed, including the genitalia hair. Some women prefer to keep a dainty “V” at the front. The resulting shape is smooth and sensual, and women love the clean, fresh feeling. Some of our clients have reported that their men appreciate it as well!

Simple Bikini

We treat many active students, professionals, and athletes to help prevent shaving stubble and razor rash. This is a very effective solution for our active young people and athletic clients that find it as a necessary treatment as they prepare for a special event or competition.

This treatment is fast and easy, it includes a two-inch area around the outside of the panty line and one to two inches inside the panty line. Modest and very effective.