Award Winning North Texas Hair Removal Services

Laser Hair Removal For Women & Men

Premiere Laser Centre is the longest running stand-alone laser center in the State of Texas. Our number one goal is our clients’ satisfaction and we attempt to make the laser hair removal process as painless as possible. The staff has more than two decades of laser hair removal experience, and is equipped to remove many different hair types on many different skin tones. We offer the following laser hair removal services for women and men:

Hair Removal for Women Hair Removal for Men
Facial Back
Lip Hair Shoulders
Chin/Neck Arms
Bikini Chest/Abdomen
Under Arms Beard
Legs Nape/Neck
Breast Legs
Arms Ears
Eyebrows Eyebrows

If you wish to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our certified laser hair removal professionals, or have questions about our laser hair removal services, please contact our office at (940) 320-5432.

Laser Hair Removal Skin and Hair Types

In 1995, the FDA cleared the first laser for hair removal in hopes that it would damage the hair follicle and cause permanent hair reduction. However, hair started to fully regrow after a treatment, and in 1998, the FDA cleared the first cosmetic laser that was used to target melanin in hair follicles. This was only available to people who had light skin tones; for at the time, all laser light wavelengths that had been approved could severely damage those who had darker skin tones. In recent years, however, lasers were created that do not damage the skin of darker individuals. Now people who have many different skin types and hair types can enjoy the benefits of having hair removed from various parts of their body.

Laser Away Unwanted Body Hair Today

If you have embarrassing body hair that you want permanently removed, please contact Premiere Laser Centre. We have access to only the best types of hair removal lasers, including:

  • Ruby
  • Alexandrite
  • Diode
  • Intense Pulsed Light Systems
  • Nd:YAG

We utilize lasers on clients that are specifically designed for their skin color and hair texture/color. For example, Nd:YAG lasers have the ability to successfully remove hair on people who have darker skin tones. Depending on a client, individuals usually require three or more treatments to achieve permanent hair growth reduction. Prospective clients who have questions regarding the types of lasers we use at Premiere Laser Centre or types of hair colors that can be successfully removed may contact our office at (940) 320-5432.