Ear Hair Removal

Even if unwanted ear hair was not a problem for you in the past, as you age you may become aware of hair growing where it didn’t before. For many people this can be a major cause of embarrassment. One of the areas of the body where this new hair growth may occur is around the ears. Not only can the unwanted hair be unsightly and embarrassing, but it’s also a sure sign of aging!

Fortunately this is a problem that can be easily resolved at our laser hair removal center. Our technicians can quickly, gently and effectively eliminate unwanted hair on and around the ears, leaving the client with a more youthful, well-groomed appearance.

Does It Hurt?

Laser Removal of unwanted hair on and around the ears is a simple, fast and relatively painless process. Our technicians test for sensitivity prior to treatment, and if needed, can apply an effective topical anesthetic get to further minimize discomfort. It only takes a few minutes to remove hair from this region, and it can add significantly to your appearance and your self-confidence.

Is It Expensive?

No, laser hair removal is actually quite affordable. For additional cost-effectiveness, we can arrange to have the fees for removing hair on and around the ears combined with other treatments.

With our highly trained expert technicians and state-of-the art laser equipment, Premiere Laser Centre is the ultimate resource for laser hair removal. Contact us for more information on how laser hair removal can help you reveal your most attractive self!