Laser Leg Hair Removal for Women

What can be more wonderful for a woman than permanent leg hair removal? For women, freedom from ever having to shave or wax your legs again is like a dream come true! Just think of all the time you would save, not to mention the mess, odor, and pain that is often involved in traditional hair removal methods. Can you imagine how nice it would be packing for a tropical vacation and not bringing a razor?

Premiere Laser Center has rapidly become the most popular facility in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for laser leg hair removal services. There is nothing like the smooth, silky, sexy feeling of hair-free legs, and at our laser center we raise the science of laser hair removal to an art form.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

We use the Candela GentleLASE hair removal system, which can effectively treat large areas of the body, such as the legs. It could take more than one treatment depending on the results the Client is expecting. We will cover this in the initial consultation. Not only will your legs be hair free, but there will be no tiny black “stubble-dots” remaining. Once the legs are no longer subjected to shaving or other abrasive techniques, the condition and tone of the skin becomes baby-soft and silky-smooth, providing satisfaction for a lifetime.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most women choose their lower legs as the most needed area for hair reduction. Our lower leg treatment includes front and back on the knees as well as ankles, feet and toes. Upper legs and thighs are charged by how long it takes to treat the area. We are all different therefore we will customize a treatment plan just for you. Lower Legs starting from: $299.00 per treatment. Be sure and check our specials page.

How Much Will It Hurt?

Laser hair removal isn’t a painful process, with most clients reporting a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping on the skin. We can apply topical anesthetic gel to more sensitive areas, such as shinbones, knees and ankles, which effectively diminishes any discomfort.