Hair Removal for Women Hair Removal for Men
Facial Back
Lip Hair Shoulders
Chin/Neck Arms
Bikini Chest/Abdomen
Under Arms Beard
Legs Nape/Neck
Breast Legs
Arms Ears
Eyebrows Eyebrows

Lightwave Therapy

  • Provides a non surgical solution for Cellulite or Flaccid Skin. Results include a smoother & toner body.
Signature Facial

  • An Avant -garde approach to skin care. Our Signature Facial includes one of the following: Revitalight, Ultra -Sonic Spatula, or Micro-Derm.

  • This procedure helps improve photo-damage, hyperpigmentation, fines lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

  • Customized for dry, aging, sensitive, oily, hyper pigmented or acne skin types.

  • Brows & Eyelashes

  • Brows & Eyelashes
Lash Lift

  • Improves the curve of your lashes

  • Removes Skin Tags & Cherry Angiomas
Nail Fungi Removal

  • Includes 3 treatments