Hair Removal for Men in Denton

Sanger Laser Hair Removal Services

Although many women seek laser hair removal services, said type of treatment is not solely for women. Premiere Laser Centre offers laser hair removal treatments that are specifically designed for men who wish to remove unsightly body hair. Our laser hair removal experts have more than two decades of combined laser hair removal experience and are long-tenured employees. Premiere Laser Centre is Texas’ longest running stand-alone laser center and our employees strictly follow HIPAA guidelines, even though they are not required by laser hair removal clinics. We are also a member of The Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal, as well as BBB accredited. Premiere Laser Centre offers the following Denton laser hair removal treatments for men:

  • Back/Shoulder Hair Removal– Millions of men have thick, heavy body hair on their back and shoulders that may cause them embarrassment. If you have dense hair on your back and/or shoulders and wish to have it permanently removed, contact Premiere Laser Centre. Whether you want your back/shoulder hair to be thinned or completely removed, we can customize our laser treatments.
  • Arm Hair Removal– Do you have a great arm muscles but are embarrassed to show them off due to excessive amounts of arm hair? Many men believe that dense arm hair is unattractive and can leave them feeling insecure about their appearances. Unlike electrolysis, laser arm hair removal requires fewer visits and is far less painful. The results of laser arm hair removal also last longer than any other type of hair removal treatment.
  • Chest/Abdomen Hair Removal– Are you afraid that potential partners may be turned off by your chest/abdomen hair? The technicians at Premiere Laser Centre specialize in creating natural-looking results that do not make laser hair removal treatments obvious. If a man wishes to maintain hair in a particular region but lessen the amount that is currently in said area, we can modify the laser hair removal process.
  • Beard Hair Removal– Do you grow tired of shaving your beard every day? With laser beard hair removal treatments, you can throw away your razor and shaving cream and never look back! If you want to look well-groomed for weeks on end and no longer wish to have a five o’clock shadow creep in as the day wears on, contact Premiere Laser Centre. Our technicians can permanently remove beard hair so you no longer have to shave. If you do seek this option, a beard should be shaved the day or night before treatment, depending on the rate of hair growth. Do you have ingrown hair or folliculitis on your beard or neck? Our lasers can stop ingrown hair in as little as two treatments on both light and dark skin types.
  • Nape/Neck Hair Removal– If you cut your hair and experience coarse hair growing on and around the nape of your neck a few days later, you may wish to consider laser hair removal. Shaving this type of hair is not only a hassle, but can be potentially harmful, as well. Removing neck / nape hair will give you a cleaner and more professional look, and can be done in a matter of moments.
  • Jockey Area– Embarrassed about hair growth in and around the jockey area? Our technicians perform jockey hair laser removal on a regular basis and can safely remove hair in the jockey and genitalia area. Laser hair removal in the jockey area is very simple and only takes a matter of minutes. Although it sounds like it would be an extremely painful area to receive laser hair removal, it is known to be one of the least uncomfortable parts of the body for laser hair removal treatments.
  • Leg Hair Removal– With more and more men participating in bike riding, athletics, swimming, and scuba diving, they may find it beneficial to permanently remove pesky leg hair. Premiere Laser Centre makes leg hair as easy, painless, and affordable as possible, and our staff can remove leg hair to give men the most natural, attractive appearance. We can also remove hair on feet and toes, as well.
  • Ear Hair Removal– As men age, they tend to develop ear hair. Ear hair can cause a man to be self-conscious about his appearance and his age. Laser ear hair removal is an extremely fast, gentle process that can eliminate unwanted ear hair within a matter of sessions. Prior to beginning the laser ear hair removal process, our technicians test a small area to ensure that a client does not need anesthetic gel.
  • Eyebrow Hair Removal– Do you have random hairs that grow between your eyebrows that make you feel unattractive? Our technicians take pride in their artfully-designed, well-balanced eyebrows that can perfectly frame a man’s face. Laser eyebrow hair removal is much less painful than waxing and tweezing and lasts for a longer amount of time. Depending on how thick a client’s eyebrows are, we may recommend three to five laser treatments to remove eyebrow hair.
All hair gone 30 -55 min
Smaller area 25-45 min
Premiere Girl Bikini (all hair gone) 30-55 min
French Bikini 25-45 min

Regain Your Confidence Today by Eliminating Embarrassing Body Hair

Laser hair removal treatments have rapidly become the most popular hair removal technique among men today. It is far less painful than traditional methods, such as waxing, shaving, or electrolysis and produces longer-lasting results. Premiere Laser Centre offers affordable and painless laser hair removal services for men who wish to remove unsightly hair from various areas of their body.

Do not let embarrassing, thick body hair prevent you from feeling confident about your body. Contact Premiere Laser Centre at (940) 320-5432 to schedule an appointment or a free consultation with one of our certified laser hair removal professionals! Please visit our specials page to determine if we are offering discounts for your desired laser hair removal service.