Hair Types That May Benefit from Laser Hair Removal

Denton Laser Hair Removal Services

Are you interested in ridding your body of hair in certain areas via laser hair removal? Prior to scheduling a laser hair removal appointment, it may be beneficial for you to discover if your hair can successfully be removed using laser technology. Only individuals who have certain hair types can enjoy laser hair removal services due to their body hair classification. If you have any questions regarding hair types that benefit from laser hair removal, please feel free to contact our hair removal experts at Premiere Laser Centre. Our employees have over two decades of combined laser hair removal experience and can answer any questions regarding hair and skin types, as well as specific Denton laser hair removal treatments.

Can I use laser hair removal for my body hair?

Body hair is classified into two groups-vellus and terminal. Vellus hair is short, fine, unnoticeable hair that has little or no pigment and covers a majority of men and women’s bodies. Since it does not have any dark pigments, laser hair removal treatments cannot remove vellus hair as quickly and efficiently as terminal hair. Terminal hair is very visible, pigmented hair that grows thicker, longer, courser, and darker than vellus hairs. People who have terminal hair are often those who seek to have body hair removed via laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal sessions must be spaced out every 4-6 weeks to ensure that new hair growth is prevented during the anagen stage. The anagen stage is when hair actively grows as cells in the rood divide to add to the hair shaft. Catagen, or the second stage in the body hair growth process, is when growth slows and hair roots begin to die. All growth has stopped in the third phase, or telogen phase, and hair has reached its peak development. For hair removal to be successful, it must be removed during the anagen stage.

Contact us to learn if we can remove your unwanted body hair!

If you wish to learn if your body hair can be successfully removed during a laser hair removal session, please contact our office or schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our certified laser hair removal professionals, or a CLHRP. During a complimentary consultation, our CLHRP can:

  • Evaluate skin and hair type
  • Explain Candela Laser Technology and explain expected results
  • Give pre and post treatment care instructions
  • Perform a complete evaluation
  • Develop an understanding of a client’s expectations
  • Spot test an area

Instead of paying the retail value of said CLHRP consultation, we do not charge prospective clients a dime to determine if laser hair removal is right for them. Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (940) 320-5432 to learn more about our hair removal services.